//Pot-pourri 2010

Pot-pourri 2010


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FOPLA's annual youth-writing anthology features the creative talents who won this year's Ottawa Public Library Awesome Authors competition.

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Do you know the writers featured in this pot-pourri volume? Maybe you just like to support Ottawa’s burgeoning literary talent? If so, order a copy of FOPLA’s youth-writing anthology today! Every sale supports the Ottawa Public Library and its Awesome Authors youth writing competition.

Cover Design: Derek Larson
Editor: Michele Aubie
Editor: Michel Goyette
Editor: JC Sulzenko

2010 Authors
Catherine Baillargeon
Yilda Boukhtouchen
Émilie Bruneau
Sam Chapman
Lia Codrington
James Colwell
Brigitte Delisle
Christine Dingley
Gabrielle Dupuis Ouellet
Nicolas Gaulton
Sacha Kingston-Wayne
Cady Ledderhof
Patrick Leong
Nicolas Lum
Benjamin MacLean-Max
Charlotte Newton
Grace Noel
Eileen O’Brien
Erin O’Neill
Charlotte Orzel
Nicolas Paquin
Élodie Paquin
Sabrina Prim
Joey Qin
Miranda Rhamey-Smith
Sophie Robidoux
Emile Royer
Kiera Sandrock
Quinn Schroeder
Zoé Spry
Isabelle St-Hilaire
Jenna Swim
Mallory Tater
Michelle Veilleux
Megan Wall
Michelle Winckel

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