//Pot-pourri 2011

Pot-pourri 2011


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FOPLA's annual youth-writing anthology features the creative talents who won this year's Ottawa Public Library Awesome Authors competition.

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Do you know the writers featured in this pot-pourri volume? Maybe you just like to support Ottawa’s burgeoning literary talent? If so, order a copy of FOPLA’s youth-writing anthology today! Every sale supports the Ottawa Public Library and its Awesome Authors youth writing competition.

Cover Design: Derek Larson
Editor: Caitlin Emond
Editor: Michel Goyette
Editor: JC Sulzenko

2011 Authors
Derek Larson
Jasmine Ball
Michel Goyette
Sanda Ajzerle
Catherine Baillargeon
Martin Baroody
Ella Blais
Sian Bolliger
Émilie Bruneau
Sophia Carney
Amelia Carney
Abigaël Carpentier
Melinda Cass
Sofia Cazorla-Bak
Augusta Chiraghdin
Marianne Cousineau
Flavia Dalpra
Renée Davies
Jeremy Davis
Brigitte Delisle
Nassim Dib-Mudie
Pegah Ehsani
Katrina El Asmar
Patricia Foster
Mikaela Fournier-Moar
Emmy Fu
Claire Hendrickson-Jones
Stuart Jones
Victoria Klassen
Patrick Leong
Leslie LeRoux
Nicolas Lum
Meghan McInnis
Amy McKay
Millie McNeill-McKinnell
Eileen O’Brien
Elodie Paquin
Sophie Paquin
Kate Reeve
Sophia Ross
Kiera Sandrock
Isabelle St-Hilaire
Yukine Sudo
Heather Sutcliffe
Jenna Swim
Christelle Tan
Michelle Veilleux
Morgan Williams
Michelle Winckel
Michael Zhang

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