//Pot-pourri 2016

Pot-pourri 2016


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FOPLA’s annual youth-writing anthology features the creative talents who won this year’s Ottawa Public Library Awesome Authors competition.

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Do you know the writers featured in this pot-pourri volume? Maybe you just like to support Ottawa’s burgeoning literary talent? If so, order a copy of FOPLA’s youth-writing anthology today! Every sale supports the Ottawa Public Library and its Awesome Authors youth writing competition.

Cover Design: Bruhanthrudhayesh Elancheran
Editor: Catherine Austen
Editor: Michel Goyette

2016 Authors
Lila Amani Ndinsil
Olivier Bellavance
Anna Berglas
Shawna Bertin
Ana Bjelakovic
Tallulah Blais
Isabela Bouffard Lima
Lucy Boyd
Amélie Cadieux
Bonnie Chin
Karianne Cliche
Zoé Cliche
Shannon Creelman
Kara Cybanski
Allison D White
Mitra Dadjoo
Catherine Despatie
Bei Di Liu
Julia Dolansky-Overland
Arianna Dordari
Maleeka Ellaithy
Isabelle Guillemette
Zara Hewson
Tabeeb Howlader
Zeinab Hussein
Lily Inskip-Shesnicky
Ian Kemp
Rebecca Kwan
Noor Labed
Joy Liu
Benjamin MacLean-Max
Owen McKibbon
Maya Mohammed
Alyson Moncur-Beer
Maxine Montpetit
Sandunya Nadugala
Shannon Noah
Charis Nobossi
Amanda Patricia Vadon
Luke Pollex
Tanae Rao
Zoé Roy-Stang
Sara Rwentambo
Bethany Scherr
Francine Stripinis
Irene Stripinis
Raphaëlle Strub
Leeah Sullivan
Maariya Toman
Sabrina Touabi
Tess Trop
Balatchev Virginie
Allison Wang
Belinda Xu
Xiaoyu Xu
Yasmine Zemni
Annie Zhang

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