//Pot-pourri 2017

Pot-pourri 2017


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pot-pourri 2017 features original poetry, short stories and comics in both official languages by the talented winners of the Ottawa Public Library’s  Awesome Authors Youth Writing Contest.

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Do you know the writers featured in this pot-pourri volume? Maybe you just like to support Ottawa’s burgeoning literary talent? If so, order a copy of FOPLA’s youth-writing anthology today! Every sale supports the Ottawa Public Library and its Awesome Authors youth writing competition.

Cover Design: Sumaya Deen
Editor: Catherine Austen
Editor: Michel Goyette

2017 Authors
Jenna Abu-Dieh
Poojithya Adikari
Audreyann Albin
Virginie Balatchev
Chloé Bednar
Allegra Bisaillon
Tallulah Blais
Clara Bolam
Eva Brown
Kate Calhoun
Kaitlyn Chen
Dora Chen
Bonnie Chin
Isabella M. Crysler
Julia Dolansky-Overland
Alexander J. Dolansky-Overland
Elissa El-Chami
Maleeka Ellaithy
Mimi England
Nourjehan Faris
Jenan Faris
Robin Frauzel
Grace Gao
Elyse Gauthier
Evelyn Goddard
Roman Gorodkov
Isabelle Guillemette
John Haas
Vera Hadzic
Sarah Ham
Tabeeb Howlader
Claire Keenan
Rebecca Kempe
Héloïse Lebel
Sophie LeVasseur
Joy Liu
Celina Lupson
Catherine Ma
Anna MacDonald
Nicolas Michaud
Maya Mohammed
Amelia Mohring
Alyson Moncur-Beer
Maxine Montpetit
Schanez Mouhoubi
Sandunya Nadugala
Lila Ndinsil
Phuong Nguyen
Shannon Noah
Alison Power
Khadeeja Rizwan
Urooj Shah
Olivia Simms
Leeah Sullivan
Meredith Sy
Allison Wang
Allison White
Belinda Xu
Miriam Zdunich
Shirley Zhu

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